Hi, I’ve been waiting for you to get here!

herbs growing in the garden

You’ve gone and landed smack dab on the home blog of a farm gal/herb grower, so naturally you’ll find some herb growing articles and posts. I do grow more than just herbs in the garden, so take a look around.

If you are a beginner and want to know how to grow herbs, this course might be what you are looking for -especially helpful if you haven’t started gardening, or growing your own herbs yet!

Feel free to check out some of the herb and rose info along with pictures on the blog page. We have plenty of herbs indoors and in the garden here…including medicinal herbs, culinary and fragrance plants. I like ‘em all!

You can also take a peek at my incredibly ugly – but very sturdy- cattle panel greenhouses -don’t laugh! They are very easy for you handy types to build. If you do, send me pictures of your project!

You may stumble across some shots of my four legged ‘compost producers’ and some of the other critters around here, too. Remember to watch where you step!

If you are interested in learning how to grow your own herbs-

…but don’t have access to local classes, please visit my online herb growing classes. The class is perfect for beginner herb growers and new gardeners.

You can also sign up here for HerbTips! my occasional herb growing bits and tips .

We also share some helpful growing information and often answer questions on Facebook - so come visit and fire away!

Thanks for stopping by-


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