Fall Pumpkin Fairy House

two mice peeking into pumpkin fairy house

We’ve been making pumpkin fairy houses…

…and having a blast!

They are actually made from “Fun-kins“, those carvable foam pumpkins you see around Halloween in craft stores.

I like to use silk flowers because the colors last so much longer than dried-important for pieces that are intended to be use year after year. This piece has some silk Rudbeckia, silk grass and oak leaves.

In case you think I’ve completely sold out to the ‘faux’ flowers don’t worry! There are also some dried everlasting herbs like lambs ears, baby’s breath and statice tucked here and there amid the moss. This pumpkin should last indefinitely since nothing will rot.

Now for the housing specs-

The model in the photo above is a two story home complete with bedroom loft, mini fairy lights, a dining area, and an outdoor fire pit. Spacious and roomy for one or two occupants or a young fairy family.

How do we do it?

Hmmm, well since each one is different the final appearance depends on what materials we have, and the size and shape of the ‘pumpkin’.

Once you saw apart the Fun-kin and attach it to whatever base you are using, you can add all kinds of fun stuff. Here are some photos of the week-long process:

pumpkin fairy house with flooring and second floor support

Floor and Loft Support in Place

Next came the loft and stairs. Those stairs took awhile to complete!

Pumpkin Fairy House with stairs and fire pit

Stairs, 2nd Floor and Firepit

At this point mini LED lights were installed inside and the exterior wood, moss, and other little bits added to the outside.

nearly completed pumpkin fairy house

Almost done!

Here I had one brown mouse made. These little guys can be made from paper mache, polymer clay, sewn or even needle felted if you like.I finally decided on two mice…just because they were so cute.

Above you can see the loft bed. It is actually half a walnut shell with a silk leaf /curly ‘vine’ canopy and a Lamb’s Ear leaf for a comforter.

And finally this Pumpkin Fairy house is complete!

mice and pumpkin fairy house

Finished Pumpkin Fairy House

The brown mouse is now grey and he has a young companion.

I think they like the place, how about you?


If you can’t find Fun-kins in your area they are available online here:

Funkins Artificial Carvable Pumpkins

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